Is it possible for a guy who has a girlfriend to have a crush on another?

This guy at my job (lets call him Rudy) used to offer me rides home all the time and i politely declined. If i worked late and it was time for him to go home he wouldn't leave until i did, we rarely talked to each other and i was the only one he offered a ride to. I'm pretty naive when it comes to guys so i thought he was being weird. My brother in law works with Rudy and my brother in law says he likes me a lot but i don't believe him. He says he never talks about me but he sees the way he looks at me. I quit my job for a month then came back but i work at nights now and Rudy works during the daytime. My brother in law told me that Rudy asked him if it was true that I was back and my brother in law said it was true but i work nights only as a secretary. He said that Rudy was looking for me at the front desk but couldn't find me. My brother in law said that is a clear sign that he still has a crush on me. But he told me that Rudy has a girlfriend now. (I'm not bummed about either, I was never attracted to him) I told my brother in law that it is not possible that a guy can have a girlfriend and have a crush at the same time. If that were the case then Rudy would have a crush on me for almost 2 years!
I wasn't attracted to him because he looks like he weighs 90lbs and has Cosmo Kramer hair but he is super quiet and shy. And I weight 100lbs more and have Janis Joplin hair. I don't want to date someone who weighs less than i do.
Is it possible?


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  • Quite possible and as long as he isn't pursuing his 2-year attraction he has for you, it's harmless.

  • Yeah it's possible. Guys and girls get bored or just want more than they can have.. I'm not saying it's right, but it happens.


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