Why did he say mean things?

He said 'too bad I met someone like you' and we are not compatible (bullshit) and I am not worthy of him, he keeps making excuses not to like me when I know he liked me a lot. Whats his problem? its been months and I keep thinking about it.


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  • he fell out of love it happens just forget about him

    • I only met him 4 times

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    • I feel like he has this whole wrong judgement about me, I met him when I was depressed, I was angry and lashed out at him. Now he thinks im a junkie with no clear goals in life while im actually the opposite

    • He also never stated he has a girlfriend and has his name in his status so I won't forget who he is, because I once said who is this? I didn't have his number.

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  • He no longer likes you. Accept it and move on.