What should I do about a girl I'm losing interest in?

I met this girl a few days ago while hanging out with my brother and his friends. We got each other's numbers, started texting, and along the conversation she told me that she found me attractive. At the time I found her attractive too so we made plans to hang out today, but unfortunately something came up and it couldn't happen.

She's nice and all, and she's decent looking, but I'm not as attracted to her as I thought I was (I guess it was my other head that found her attractive because she does have a REALLY nice ass) and we don't have much in common. Plus she's kinda boring to talk to because she can't carry a conversation well and I have to always be the one to keep things going.

Before we made plans to hang out I told her that I wasn't looking to jump into anything, nor ready to be in a relationship for a good while, and she said that she felt the same. I'm still not ready for a relationship, nor for dating in general. But I feel like if I were to tell her that, she would be like "I thought we already discussed this and agreed about not jumping into anything?" and we might have an argument and I'd rather not get into any unnecessary conflict.

What should I do? Should I still give this thing a shot and see if I find myself attracted to her, or should I just end things now to save us both time? If the latter, how should I say it?

  • Keep talking to her and hang out with her to see if you find her attractive enough to have something with.
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  • Tell her that you're not interested in having anything with her and save the both of you time.
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  • Other (explain)
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  • Be honest. Tell her that going forward you will most likely just remain friends.

  • Just see where it goes. A really nice ass is worth a little extra effort lol.

    • Perhaps, but I consider the face to be more important and she has just an okayish face to me :/

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