Why does he want to take it slow?

I am in high school and my really close guy friend told me that he liked me. I had absolutely no idea. A couple of mutual friends told me that he really liked me and that he never felt this way about a girl before. He is very shy and none of our mutual friends knew about his crush until a few days before I found out. They told me that it was really bothering him and he wanted to tell me but he was really scared and didn't know how to tell me. He had texted me about his crush and I didn't speak to get a chance to speak with him about it until the next day. I guess he took that as rejection because my mutual friends told me how he was really depresed and he told them how he was rejected. However, I didn't actually have the chance to talk to him, but then we spoke about it and we started dating. Our mutual friends told me how he was so excited and happy to date me. When we started, it was awkward and I just assumed it was because it was the beginning stages of the relationship. We were still acting like how we were before as friends, but it felt kind of weird. Whenever we texted (which was daily), there was nothing awkward though and we would text for hours. I finally felt like the awkwardness was going away, but then he messaged me and told me how we needed to talk. He said he did agree that we were awkward and maybe we should go slower. The thing is, we were going slow. He wouldn't even hold my hand, I initiated it. Then he proceeded to say that maybe we should just be friends right now. I'm so confused, why would he do this if he liked me so much? He is inexperienced with relationships. I think that he is nervous/doesn't know how to handle a relationship. He is naturally a very shy and nervous person. He hadn't told anyone that we've "broken up". We are still cool with each other and continue to hang out/hug like we usually do. He is really a sweet and funny guy, and I'm sad about this whole situation.


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  • Same thing happened to me Idkk I just moved on 😕

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