Are my standard too high for a romantic partner?

A - Healthy, in solid athletic shape.

B - Intelligent (logical and self-aware, does not engage in hypocrisy).

C - Does not, and has not, engaged in casual sex before or FWB's relationships (I'm more of a traditional guy, I respect a person's choices in regards to sex but when it comes to something more intimate like a romantic partner, I like to be on the same page on how we view sex).

D - Motivated and independent (she does not rely on other people to carry her through life, she has plans of her own and wishes to move up in life).

Are these standards too high? Before anyone asks, yes, I do strive to be everything I ask for in my potential partner. I go to the gym very often and have been for 15 years. I try to stay mentally sharp about myself and the world aroundme, and I have never engaged in casual sex before. I also have several investments in the works (that I hope will turn out well, only time will tell, fingers crossed).

Are my standard too high? Be honest.

Around me*

Sorry, that typo was staring me dead in the eye.


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  • Nope. I think your standards are the very basics for what standards should be. I meet all those myself and I would want a partner who's like minded as well.

    But in today's society, your standards would be high for most.

    • :(

      No bueno. Not looking too good for me if they're high in today's society.

    • Ikr. But there are quite a few out there. But it's mainly too high in the sex department. Like its hard to find someone who's a virgin or someone who hasn't had casual sex with multiple partners

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  • I don't think they are bad standards

    However I think there's a lot of sluts and man sluts in the world

    But the girl yiu want seems like a good catch

    Good luck


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  • I don't think your standards are too high. I look for the same thing in a man... With a little extra in there. Keeping those standards keep you from settling for less

  • No, but even if they were... they're your standards, others don't have to like them/agree with them. Yours are reasonable. I may be biased because mine are similar.


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