How to meet my neighbors daughter?

So I live accross the street and down from a girl my age who I would like to meet. We've never talked before, don't go to the same school, it's pretty cold turkey. We live on a decent sized road, not the kind of place where people normally go walk. I don't want to creep her out, so I really don't think randomly showing up at her door is a good idea. Any advice is appreciated. Specifically girls; If I was you're neighbor (who knows, maybe I am) how would you want me to meet you?

We live geographically close, but are on opposite sides of a highway, not really a good place to walk. This makes it very hard to accidentally run in to her. I'm okay with being more direct too, but I really don't know how.


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  • Have you noticed her with laptop or shopping? You can come to her, say that you are going to home (telling the way to your home) and can help her if you both are going to the same direction (don't say that you know where she lives, she might get confused to know that you have been following her). If you haven't seen her with heavy things, let me think of another scenario.

    • This would be perfect if we were in a neighborhood, but we live on a highway with no shoulder, not a safe place to walk And the bus drops her off at her driveway. The downside of being in the country. That was a good thought though, any other ideas?

    • 1. Find out what she does outside of the school. Does she attend gym, dance club or maybe volunteers somewhere? You can consider doing the same things as she does, so that it becomes easier and comfortable to know and speak to her.
      2. If the first option is not feasible, what about sending her a small gift (can be flowers or chocolate or something more creative like balloons with her name written on, etc.). Can you ask a shop to deliver something to her? You can send the gift to school if possible. She will think that somebody is interested in her and will feel happy, will have good thought of you even before knowing who you are. Then let some time to pass and again do similar thing and this time say that you would be happy to meet her.

    • Thank you! However, I think it was not very useful.

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  • the next time you see her outside, pretend to bump into her then apologize and tell her that you're her neighbor. Then ask for her name and introduce yourself. If she into it, ask for her number and tell her if she like to hangout sometimes, and BOOM, you got the girl (that's how me and my boyfriend met)

    • I would try that, but we both live on a highway with no shoulder, she's on the other side. Not a good place for walking so it would be hard to pull off. Any other ideas?

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