How do I stop the fight I'm sure will happen?

When I was 16 I dated this guy and over time I became to be quite afraid of him because of verbal and some physical abuse. I broke it off which didn't go very well because I was stalked for a while after by him. But now, at 17, I've been with a much better guy for a little over half a year and I just recently told him about my ex while talking about the grace Smith house that came to talk to us at my school. He didn't take my story about my ex very well and he wants him dead. They have one class together and I know he'd try to pick a fight (verbal fight) with him but I really don't want that to happen. My ex is a part of the past that I don't want to go through again...


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  • It's going to be tough to stop that fight. I am sorry that your ex put you through that. Your current boyfriend cares about you.


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