What does it mean when he is willing to meet your family just to hang out?

I met (online) this awesome guy that my sister works with. I am 16 (17 really soon) and he just turned 19. We have met once, and talked a while, and I really like him. We talk on aim, and myspace every day. We have been talking for about two weeks. He doesn't give off much that he likes me. He starts the convos sometimes, and sometimes I do. We talk about everything, except personal things, like we don't talk much about boyfriend gf, but we know a lot about each other. Anyways, I asked him if he wanted to come to a family thing for memorial day, and he said he wants to. He plans on coming, and I told him it might be weird for him, but he still wants to come. What does it mean when he is willing to put up with all my family (grandpa, aunts, cousins, mom, dad, etc) just to hang out? I really like this guy, and I don't really know what he is thinking. So do you think he likes me guys? also, what should I do to make him comfortable, and have lots of fun? I have never really hung out with guys much, so I don't know what they like. thanks!


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  • He wants in your pants and he is willing to do any thing to get there. sorry but that's the sound of it to me if he shows have a friend around at all time if he tries to get you alone and away from every one you will know that's what it is. if he doesn't keep him he is a good guy.but big age difference there


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