Why say I'm to fat and ugly to date but then date someone bigger than me?

I'm sure it's because we didn't click in personality but to Tell me I'm to fat ugly etc, then go off to date a woman twice my size, I can't call her ugly not my style to but she isn't great to look at either..

why don't people not think before they open their mouths? Is it to cause maximum amount of hurt to someone else.. like they get a kick out of watching someone cry? Where's karma when it's needed..


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  • It's fascinating how women are constantly blaming men for "hurting" them when men are almost ALWAYS getting the shorter end of the stick in relationships. Whether it's being treated as a cash-machine, a slave or just a second class human.

    Men have no equality and a routinely discriminated against.

    • But you've just discriminated me assuming I'm a money grabber wanting a slave when in fact, I work for my own money and get embarrassed by things bought for me like presents at Christmas or Valentine's Day or the dreaded birthday.

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    • It's mainly women who do EXCESSIVE NAME-CALLING by using words like creep/loser/weirdo/bitter man etc. Name calling by women is also acceptable in feminist society. Women also reject men FAR HARSHER than men reject women... men are sweet while women are nasty.

      Your English is terrible and the broken language makes it hard to read. Either way, I just cannot see women as victims... men are oppressed 2nd class citizens in feminist society. If THAT GUY did end up dating you, you would still probably use him and make him get the shorter end of the stick.

    • You may be one of those unicorn-like exceptions... but you're just SAYING so... ON THE GROUND, women continue to have a supreme advantage in dating/relationships

      Men are 2nd class citizens. There is no way you can be seen as a victim.

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  • He's just a bloody wanking douche bag who touches himself at night.

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