Is he just going through a phase?

Ex was a great person; loving, caring, affectionate, loyal, ie. talked about marriage and a future together, he was definitley husband material. about a year ago he became more interested in partying, drinking and other girls. cheated and dumped me. we have stayed in touch but his responses are always dry. we hook up sometimes but it seems like thats all he is interested in. the other day he cut things off and said he doesn't want to see me again. could this just be a phase he is going through? we are both pretty young, so it makes sense that he has some living to do. what do you guys think?

  • it's a phase, once he's done messing around he will come back.
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  • he has changed for the worst, its time to walk away from this asshole.
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  • You should just let him do him and you walk away cause sitting there waiting for someone who has no real feelings for you and just thinks you're a hole to fuck anytime he wants is not helping the situation best of luck on moving on

    • do you think there's a chance he will come around?

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