Where can I meet a decent guy? Why do I always get guys that use me? how to make a guy like me?

Where can I meet an ok guy... Guys just seem to use me for my looks/ sex I'm currently in situation where I know the guy is he using me but I want him so bad and honestly I just don't want to be alone how do I make him want me, in ways more then sexual I don't want to be a booty call... Am I just not cut out to be a girlfriend? I seem to end up in this situation more often then not... I'm starting to believe I'm just a fun time that I'll never be in a relationship... Oh and the times I've been in actual relationships I've been cheated on. How do I avoid this? How do I make a guy like me?


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  • You are a ignoring the red flags because you don't want to be lonely. " oh I will let him cheat on me, call me names, disrespect me but as long as I'm not lonely it's ok" that's where you have to change your mindset once you realize it's ok to be lonely you don't need a man to make you happy. You're going to attract the "right guys" but letting men disrespect you isn't the way. No guy is going to change if he knows it's ok to treat you like a doormat. Stop ignoring the red flags in the beginning