The guy I have been talking to for 6 months has not replied for 3 days. I hate to think this is how it ends a week before our planned first date?

Seeing as he lives in my home country and the timing when we started talking through online dating we didn't manage to have a date before.

Next week was supposed to be the time, but we haven't made proper plans yet. We were supposed to talk on Skype Wednesday but because of train delays I got home late and couldn't catch him. Ever since telling him that he has not responded. I send him a normal message yesterday asking how he's doing. Still no response. I'm getting really worried I have messed things up, when I have kind of fallen in love with him. Any advice? I don't want to keep on bugging him when maybe he has personal shit going on.

Lol 6 WEEKS! Not 6 months!*


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  • Relax, you haven't messed up anything. Wait till he gets to you. If he won't reply to you for 5 days or so, move on.

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