Does this sound like a lie?

Hey everyone,

So, been going out with a guy for about 4 months.

I have just came back from a great weekend with him. We have plans to go to London and see a show. He picked March 4th as the weekend to do it (pay day Friday) he asks me this Friday evening, when he picked me up, if I have put in for it off at work, i said I hadn't and would do it over weekend on email. He said he has already. We have a hotel and show "on hold" for this date and he said on Friday it was a green light.

Then this morning he made breakfast, we were eating away and he's says, oh about London, we might have to do it another time like the weekend after as I'll be queuing up festival tickets on the Sunday. I just played it cool like ok, nothing's been booked that fine.

I feel a little bit hurt that 1. He literally really just said on Friday he's put in for it off 2. What changed in less than 2 days that our London plan had to be changed? Didn't he know this prior? 3. I'm pretty sure he has tickets / can defo get them online to the festival I he's going to (he's mentioned it a bit)

I just think, he suggested the date initially if he didn't want to go now he would just say "some other time" or just flake.

I've been with him since Friday (when he told me he has it off) so was just a bit taken aback that it's changed. He hasn't been acting different or suspicious or anything.

Should I say something nicely to him?



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  • I think that he is taking you for a ride... he isn't committed and this is a big warning sign... I think that he is lying to cover up something :/


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