I am surrounded by people who aren't reliable?

I am so sick of having no suppert system, my family i can't depend on them for anything, including money. I can't depend on my younger sister for emotional support because she only talks about herself, i can't depend on my mom for money or my dad for money, i can't depend on my older sister because she is mentally ill, i can't depend on my brother cause he is always sick, i can't depend on friends cause they are never there for me, i dont even have friends anymore, they always flash me and are never there for me whenevr i have something going on in my life. What is this life? if i can't even share my moments with the onees im supposed to love? The guy i liked betrayed me and went to another woman for emotional support instead of asking for what he wants, he even betrayed me as a friend and only wanted sex for my friendship. I feel so hurt at this moment, i feel like i can't go to anyone for support, you know how hard that is? How can i stay postive?


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  • By moving out. Or talking with a professional. Make new friends. You deserve better. Do you have other family members you can talk to?