Ex want me back?

We've been broken up for 7mths. Recently he'll text me just about random stuff. Come over bring me my favorite things. Ask if I need anything, etc. yesterday while we were hanging out, he was helping me get a puppy, he was like oh remember that argument we had here, I had honestly forgot, I don't know why he'd bring it up. But it's like he begs me to let him do things for me. He made a statement though, stating that he was the best ex boyfriend I've had., which I didn't know what to say. He'll also text hey you, but then he'll be like oh I should have a one night stand, why would he tell me that, I don't tell him anything about my personal life. Is he just trying to be my friend


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  • I mean I think he's trying to get under your skin, wants to get close to you to keep tabs on your life however he wants to see perhaps if you get jealous about him thinking about 1 night stands etc. It's really a mind fuck if you ask me.