Should I quit of this "relationship"?

So, there's this guy that I really like. And I thought he felt the same way about me. We started talking every single day and we made out a couple of times. We were together, but not dating. It wasn't a relationship, but it wasn't only a friendship, as well. We were okay, until November of last year. But then, he changed completely his behaviour with me. In the space of a week, we stopped talking and we didn't even look at each other. In the few conversations we had since then, he only responded with short answers like "hm", "oh", "ok" and and I felt so despised. It turns out he met a new girl and, apparently, they started dating. But, according to what his friends tell me, it wasn't nothing serious. I've seen them together hand in hand a few times, and it was really painful for me. And to make things worse, this girl goes through me, she starts laughing in my face, it annoys me so much. Whenever I wanted to talk to him and be alone with him, he arranged excuses, which was so annoying. Even worse were the tweets he made to me, indirectly. It seems I'm not as indifferent to him, as he said. Well, since a few weeks here, he has gotten conversation with me on facebook, and I felt that as a sign. I began to think he had returned to be interested in me, but it seems I was wrong. Last night, I drank a little too much, and called him a couple of times and sent him messages to meet me, but, once again, he arrranged excuses. He is doing exactly the same as he did a few months ago. I ended the night crying because I thought the feeling was mutual, but I was wrong. He was playing whith me all this time, and I made a fool of myself. I love him so badly it hurts.
Ps: I apologize for the typos , I'm not English.


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  • We tend to crave things that rejects us and think of it as love.
    I understand the feeling and I would suggest to move on.


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