If I kissed a guy that wasn't attractive but didn't get turned on am I gay?

I made out with this guy but I was drunk so wouldn't have if I wasn't because he was really unattractive. Anyway, regardless of this should a girl get turned on my any guy even if he's not attractive? Because I didn't get turned on at all, he was also a really bad kisser. I don't get turned on my any guys if they're ugly I don't know if this is just natural or if it means I'm not into guys


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  • You don't have to have to be attracted to all men to be heterosexual. That's kind of a dumb thing to assume considering everything ever.

    • I'm only asking because I sometimes feel like I'm bisexual

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    • Well you sexuality isn't always black and white. Maybe you are actually heterosexual but are attracted to a women. Sexuality is complicated and not always so absolute.

    • Thank you :)

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  • No. That does not make you gay.

  • Why would you be turned on by someone you're not attracted to? That's totally normal.

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