Guys, what am I to him?

We've known each other for 4 years. Long story. We've been intimate a few times. He's always been on & off. Hot & cold. Pursuing then running. Last year, he agreed to give us a real shot to see where it could lead. Then a week later our communications just fizzled out for no reason. 6 months went by. Nothing. Then I texted him to say hi in 2016, 2 weeks ago & we've texted several times a week since. He invited me out to a hockey game last night and HE flirted with me, we had a great time but he was texting the entire time with his phone turned slightly away from me. I know what that means. He texted me after the game saying thanks for coming out and meeting me. Asked me to come up with a bet for the next game which I texted him my bet suggestion this morning. Nothing sexual. I Never heard back. What am I if I'm not a booty call? A sometime friend now?
Tired of asking him what I am (done this many times before. He either blows hot or runs).


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  • It's hard to say what you are to him, but whatever that is, it is rather disrespectful to you and it's not likely to change. He lacks motivation to change. If you shut him out, this might give him motivation, but more likely he will disappear.

  • Honestly if he asks you to go to a game with him and he's texting someone pretty much the whole time then he just wanted you there to show people that he had a hot friend but was actually interested in the person he was texting.

    • Just curious, because I'd like a mans point of view... why wouldn't he just ask the person he's interested in & texting to the game instead of me? wouldn't that be simpler?

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