Help, I don't know why she did this. Someone please tell mep?

So my girlfriend broke up with me because she said that I was holding her back, mind you we have a long distance relationship plus a few days ago she told me that she wanted to be together forever. So now I'm confused about what happened. She also gave me couple reasons why she broke up with me.


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  • Probably changed her mind. You should know why since she gave you a list of reasons

    • Well her reasons were, that we live to far apart and she knew that I was working really hard to fix that and the other one was that she thought we were to far apart in age even though we're 6 years apart. But like I said just a few days ago she told me that she never wanted to be away from me.

    • Well she can change her mind. And just cause you try to fix things doesn't mean she'll believe itll work

    • I know that she can change her mind but she told me several times that she didn't want me to change the way I was and I didn't, so I don't know why she broke up with me.

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