How do I attract guys?

So I've been wanting a boyfriend for the past two weeks and not because I'm lusty or anything I just have really been off the radar for a long time and I'm starting to think that guys just always think I'm taken or I'm just not attractive in any way. I want to be attractive for men but I don't know how to achieve that :/ I dress with the trend and people alwayes comment on my cute clothes. I'm not chubby at all but not SUPER skinny either. Do I need to maybe change my mental outlook? I'm known for being shy but I'm honestly a very friendly person, like I couldn't hurt a fly and my friends always describe me as "innocent". Is there something off putting to guys about girls who are shy and innocent?


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  • Shy and innocent isn't necessarily a bad thing but most guys like a girl who maybe is a little promiscuous, fun and not boring, and at your age they probably all want sex. So try to be a little bit more sexy perhaps. It doesn't need to be in a slutty way but something cute or girly will do. Show off your assets. If you have great legs then wear a skirt or tight jeans. Something which shows guys you are proud of your body and are attractive.

    But I think the more important thing here is that you need to get on the radar and not be so stealthy. Get guys to notice you because as soon as one guy notices and makes a comment then the other guys start to notice as well. So if it's a great ass or 'wow look at her hair'. Whatever it is that a guy can make a comment about how good you look then that will make a lot of difference. It could even be as simple as starting a conversation with a guy and suddenly you are on the radar. Just try something a little different to show guys that you are there and your friendly and approachable.


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  • go out to places men are... make eye contact and smile with guys you find attractive.

    • I've actually been doing that lately ^_^ There's this guy in my class who may not be the cutest but I don't know he seems really sweet :D and well he didn't used to talk to me but in class he would always laugh at my jokes because I started being more outgoing in class and it kinda got his attention I guess and now he talks to me everyday in class! He used to talk to his buddies (he still does on occasion but only for like a few seconds) and then he sits in the empty desk in front of me and starts talking to me, he always asks how my day has been. He always sneaks glances at me when I'm not looking ^_^ I hope that means he likes me

  • Same here.. Donno the reason


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