What happens to adult kids?

Who had no parents growing up? For example, i had zero support from both parents, i had no support from my mother (she is mentally ill) and my dad left when i was 3, left my mom with 4 kids never payed child support or anything, just left us with nothing and never came back. Outcome: im struggeling to find my place in the world, i hav eno support system, my older sister is mentally ill, my older brother is unstable and always broke with no degree, my young sis god bless her, is the only working towards her future but left home at 18. Im 23 and always broke and depressed, we were literally left to our own devices, my mom could give a shit if we came home pregnant or not, slept around etc... how do adult usually end up?


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  • 50/50 You got some who grew up independent, street/book-smart, self-reliant, etc to get out of the slump their in and you got others that bitch about the shitty lives their in and don't do a damn thing. Question is, which of these do you follow?

    • You just need parental guidance growing up, but since you're already grown and have experienced the harshness of the outside world, do something to improve yourself. Make something for yourself. Achieve goals. You don't need parents who were absent. You living your own life now. So make the best of it. Only you can control that.

      I grew up without any maternal love. Did I grew up all screwed up? No, I grew up just fine when I left the nest. Was my father there? Not really since he was always out working. It was just me and my sister fending for ourselves, but our dad was there to make sure we are housed, clothed, have the proper education, and food to survive.

  • What happens to them? What they let happen to them. You are your own fortunes smith. As you can see that your sister moved out and is working herself.

    The path ahead is difficult, but in the end only you are responsibility if it will be a positive or a negative part to be.

  • It's a very hard thing to go through and my heart truly goes out to you. There are so many pitfalls and challenges. That said, I think that your future canbe bright. If there's any way I can help feel free topm me.


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