My classmate knows that I like her, she rejected me. now what?

Hi, Sorry for my weak English, it is still improving :) Here is my story. I'm currently studying medicine in Chicago. There is a girl in my class whom I really like (actually I love her!). She is super religious however, she started showing interest to me few months ago. I know that it was my fault, but I tried to make sure that she is really interested so I can ask her out. It took me 3 months and then I started sending my signals to her. Few days ago, I sent her a facebook PM and I asked her to come to talk to me after class because I don't know her schedule. She came to me a day after and we first discussed about our classes and lectures. I was little nervous and my face was blushing and my heart was beating so fast. She realized that I'm nervous but she did not say anything. I told her that we are friends and she is a great person and I don't want to ruin our friendship, but I want to be straight forward. I told her if it is ok , we can start getting closer together and get to know each other better. She told me that she is with someone right now but she is not sure what will going to happen in her relationship. She told me that she hasn't received any news from that person recently. Finally she asked me to wait and give some time to see what will happen. My heart was broken at that moment but I tried to be confident. I came home and started crying because I did not expect to hear those words from someone who I love so much. I know that she did her best to reject me without hurting me. I will move on and will pray for her to be happy with her boy friend. I don't know how should I treat her during the next 4 months because we will be in the same class. I would appreciate if someone can guide me


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  • First of all, love is such an easy word to throw around. How can you love someone you haven't kissed? or slept with? Why do you like this girl anyway? You deserve someone who is READY to be with you, and who feels the same way.

    • Thank you for your response. I don't know why I like her. She is so kind and she is beautiful both inside and outside. I didn't mention anything about my feelings directly to her but I think she freaked out. you are right. she also deserves a better person

    • awwwww no dont put yourself down. we are all beautiful in our own ways, inside and out :D Good luck.

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