Guys, Experiencing another female for the 2nd time?

The first time wasn't too bad was about a year ago.

But it was enough to make me consider I'm open to it again and thinking it may be my primary choice when it comes to a partner I want to be loyal with. Of course I'm naturally partially nervous, I want to be make sure I please her and enjoy her without "trying too hard" because I am learning. But, Guys!!!
I dont want to please her wrongly and lead to her not wanting more. Help.
Maybe I need to have a bunch of experiances first... but that can't be the case here because I've been with guys who've been with under 5 women and he was amazing (he was so clueless how good he was) and with guys who've been with a few women and the guy was terrible (meanwhile he was so proud... dork)
So tell me what are enjoyable ways for you to go down on her?
*Please no rude comments/questions*


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  • I like 69 and her straddling my face

    • Maybe I should have stated... I'm looking for sensual and passionate but with a rough edge

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