Was my date into me or am I overthinking?

So I had a first date with this one guy yesterday. He's a doctor and I'm about to start my PhD after summer.

Here are some of the signs that made me think he might be into me:
- He was very attentive to my needs and always asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else, where I wanted to go, whether I was hungry etc.
- He kept eyecontact with me for a really, really long time. He would always look me into the eyes when talking with me.
- He suggested that we meet up again for either ice skating, dinner, cinema or something else and said he was free on Tuesday. He works all days and gets off work quite late. He only has two days off during the week
- He prolonged our date as we went for coffee first and then a drink, even though he had to get up early the next day.
- He asked me if I'd add him on Facebook.
- He paid for everything and was a gentleman by opening the door for me, calling a cab for me and waiting until the cab came before going back to his car.
- He asked me if I wanted him to drop me off home.
- He apologised at the end for being late as he had to finish off work.

Here are some signs that I think he might not be into me:
- I haven't heard from him at all since last night, meaning no texts and no calls to ask for a second date.
- He didn't try to initiate any physical contact such as kissing or holding my hand.
- We only hugged at the end.

So does it sound like he likes me or am I overthinking?


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  • I think things sound pretty good for you.

    As for the signs he is NOT interested:
    He might be busy today.
    He might be a gentleman and respect you if it was a first date.
    Same as last answer.

    I don't think you are over thinking this.

    • Thanks for your input. To be honest, I felt like he did like me last night but since I didn't hear from him I started overthinking.

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    • I guess so but I don't really wanna come across as being desperate. I'm gonna try and wait until tomorrow and see what happens :)

    • Just remember he is probably thinking the same thing in return. It's not desperate if you are just saying you had a great time and say thanks. It's desperate if you ask when you can see him again.

      Remember do to other as you want done to you. If they don't like that then they aren't meant for you.

  • You are overthinking.
    But he DOES like you by the sound of it.
    You probably haven't heard form him because he's busy and it sounds to me like you already had a second date pencilled in.
    He was possibly being polite or slightly too nervous to initiate physical contact so soon.
    Hugging is physical! There's your second 'bad sign' out the window!
    Sounds like he's a 'gentleman' taking it slowly, that's all.

  • just count how many positive signs you got and how many negative signs and you have your answer. stop asking needy questions, stop being needy or you'll turn him off. also there's nothing weird about leaving a day or two. also maybe you need to text him first every once in a while

    • I know you're right - but the more days that pass by, the more I start to think he probably wasn't into me. It's been 2 days now and I still haven't heard from him, even though he comes on whatsapp

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    • girls should only play hard to get at first not for the duration of dating

    • I see :) I don't personally like playing games as I have been hurt in the past and know what it feels like. Anyway, thanks for your input!

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