Did we have sex too soon?

Right so I've been seeing this amazing guy for 3 weeks now. We've had three great dates, he's been great to me. HOWEVER, last night I stayed over, we had really nice chat about how we should wait to have sex n stuff. It was really hard lol (excuse the pun) but we cuddle n stuff. BUT this morning, it just happened. We both said it didn't change anything and we didn't do it for long cos it was hurting me (size wise). He was so nice to me the whole day as normal, made me food and we chilled out. He gave me a kiss as I was leaving and when I got home we spoke and I told him, I was worried about putting him off and he said "I hope you don't think I'm like that"
But I somehow feel like, something has changed in him slightly and it's making me feel sad because we have a good thing going. I really hope this hasn't messed things up. I know I'm probably just over thinking but still...


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  • You're just being paranoid. He's still the same guy! :)


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  • If he stops liking you because of something like that then he never really liked you in the first place

    • Thank you!! <3

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  • You're probably overthinking


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  • For some guys, it won't make a difference but for some guys it will and there will be a change. Even though they were a willing participant as well, they may look at women differently if they have sex so easily because it makes them wonder how many other times it "just happened" then they become self-conscious and/or turned off by her possible sexual history. It's like a ripple effect of thought that makes her look less honorable than she did before no matter how hypocritical that is. Then there are guys who get bored once they've experienced sex. If they don't experience getting to know a woman and her revealing herself to him gradually rather seeing/feeling/knowing too much of her at once, then they simply get bored and lose interest. The sense of conquest has been cut short.

  • You are overthinking it. He sounds like a good guy. You didn't mess anything up your good❤️

    • *. You're good.

    • He is a very nice guy, that's why I don't wanna lose him even though we're still getting to know each other xx

    • I think you'll be fine. He'll probably call tomorrow. He's watching the SuperBowl now.

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