Girls, Will being friends with a lesbian eventually lead into something more?

I'm straight but quite good friends with this attractive lesbian. I'm worried she might try and turn it into something more or I might start liking her even though I'm not into girls. Is it possible to be just friends?


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  • Yes it is possible. I am friends with two bisexual girls and they have never tried to do anything with me

    • Have you ever felt like you're attracted to them even though you're straight sometimes?

    • No. But maybe some people do feel attracted to the same sex even if they are straight

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  • Only if deep down you are bisexual or a lesbian yourself. If you are truly a heterosexual and you sincerely, from the bottom of your heart have zero attraction to women sexually, physically, mentally, or emotionally then it's perfectly possible to be friends with a lesbian without it eventually becoming something more. I have a few friends who are lesbians and I've never had even the slightest desire to date or hook up with them.

    • Okay thanks! But are your lesbian friends feminine or masculine? If they were masculine don't you think you'd ever be slightly attracted to them because you're straight?

    • 2 of them are very masculine and the other is feminine. I don't feel attracted to the masculine ones at all even though they are genetically blessed and many men and women find them attractive. Even if they have a masculine persona/personality, the reality is they still have a vagina under there and vaginas simply do not interest me sexually or romantically. I feel no desire for female anatomy and the idea of snuggling or being romanced by a woman doesn't excite or intrigue me at all.

  • Of course it is. If she ends up making a move, just let her know you aren't comfortable with that.

  • She won't hit on you much unless you encourage it, in my experience. My cousin/close friend is a lesbian and I hang with them frequently. Nobody has ever gotten out of line (unlike hanging with guy friends!)

    As far as you liking her... possibly, but that would just be who you are. Being around her won't rub off and make you bisexual.

    • Interesting take thanks. It's just since the first time I saw her I thought wow she's hot, but I'm straight so I don't understand. Maybe it's because she looks masculine/dresses in such a way

    • It's common for females to have a "gray area" sexuality where they're occasionally somewhat attracted to the sex that doesn't match their sexual orientation.

      But if anything were to happen and you two hit it off, no biggie. Falling for a girl doesn't change who you are. But it may be nothing, too.