Very confusing and need some opinions, embarrassed to admit to friends?

I am in a pretty recent relationship as of a few months. I am VERY upset and distraught. My boyfriend is a nice guy to me. However, I realized that I am very very very much falling in love with one of my guy friends. I feel so guilty. I have not acted on these feelings of course, but I can't stop thinking about them and him. I love him so much. He has been there for me more than my boyfriend has too, always offering to help and talk, when about 80 percent of the time my boyfriend makes me feel bad about asking to him run an errand for me.

I know I shouldn't feel this way. I am very in love with the friend. I dont want to hurt my boyfriend. I dont know what to do. We are all in our last year of college.


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  • Well, if you don't feel much of anything for your current boyfriend, it would be better for both of you if you went your own way. There seems to be something between you and your friend. Why not pursue that instead?

    • I really like my boyfriend. But I liked him a lot more BEFORE we began dating. I think It was more of an infatuation, and its fading. I just feel terrible, and want to make it work with him, but I just do not feel happy and am so scared at the thought of ending it with him and upsetting him.

    • Why are you persisting if you are not happy with him? Don't stay with a guy you are not in love with anymore out of guilt, it's not fair for him or you. He could be with someone who really loves him instead, he is probably wasting his time in a doomed relationship and he doesn't even know it.

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