Why am I distancing myself from this girl I like? and what should I do?

i don't know what to do.. i really do like her, but i hate that i do. i've always been single, and i kind of like it. it's all i know. i play girls and i know its shitty but its easy for me. this girl and i hit it off good, then we started to distance ourselves from each other and she friendzoned me because i didn't make a move, and so she started dating this other guy (they are not together ) and we got into a fight. then i got drunk and called her a whore and now we dont talk. she's starting to get over it.. i just really have no idea what i should do. she's a really nice girl she's a little weird and immature but i still like her but i don't know. i feel like i was sending her mixed singles and now she probably wants nothing to do with me. i always seem to do thjis when i like someone - yet this is all so easy for me when its just some girl i dont care about.


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  • Wait till you feel ready.


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