Should I date them or am I just lonely?

There are these two guys that I think are both kind of into me. I find them both attractive and interesting, but I'm just not sure if I'd want to date them. I'm thinking about kissing one of them (not sure which yet) in the next week or so, but I'm not sure if I want it to be a relationship or not. So am I just lonely and want someone to be intimate with or do I genuinely like them?

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  • 1st choice, flip a coin...
    2nd choice, pick the one that beats your challenge, to backflip 3 times while saying monkey flip 3 times super face.
    Picking is a hard choice, pick the 3rd choice... None..

    Better left as that because the 4th choice is an unthinkable choice...
    It will make you unclean and defiled if you picked the 4th choice.
    Unless the two might think that's hot which is weird.


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  • Ok well dating both of them is a bad idea so first piece of advice is to pick 1.
    However I'm pretty sure only you can answer the question as to if you like them or not. Someone else can't answer that for you

    • Well I wasn't going to date them both. I was going to pick one regardless.

  • Love finds you when you least expect it


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