Is It bad to not want a monogamous relationship?

I know I'm young but lately I've been leaning towards the standpoint that monogamy isn't for me. It might be because i'm young or I'v dating the wrong the people or what ever , but I don't feel like I can be monogomous with girls. I've found girls who share my standpoint though. One is polyamorous and the other just does do relationships or only open relationships. But I don't know My view of this changes. Most days I'm more on their side , but other like28% of the time I want a monogamous relationship. Am I weird?


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  • People do open relationships all the time. there's nothing weird about it. Its possible you may change over time also.. But if monogamy is not for you, its not for you and thats completely fine as long as everyone involved is ok with itπŸ‘πŸΌ


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  • You do you πŸ’πŸ»


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  • That's such a weirdly exact percentage.

    Is that just, like, Saturdays and Sundays? That'd be 28.5714 percent of the time. LOL

    • for me more like it's brief moments through out the week. But It would be like a day and then 96% of a day in total

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    • "Not many people make me want to be monogamous."

      Honestly, I'd hope ANYONE would say that. You should be selective. Random randoms shouldn't inspire singular devotion.

      As long as it's not 0 people, you never know.

    • one person makes me want to be devoted and thats it.

  • No it's not bad, you do you


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