Am I over reacting?

So I started a relationship with this girl (jess) almost 3 weeks ago. I met her in college and we got to be really good friends. At the time I wanted to ask her out and just wasn't sure with the age difference and didn't. I met up with here few weeks ago and the question one of my friends asked was were we dating. after that I started talking to her about it and told her about college and supprisingly she felt the same way back then. I had been single for 10 years and wasn't really looking when she messaged me on FB to meet up and hang out. After a great day I asked her if she wanted to start dating and she said yes.

Ok I am the first to admit I'm outta practice, but from what I remember when two people start dating they usually see more of each other. Well after almost 3 weeks I've only been able to have 2 face to face dates and a few texts back and fourth. She has told me of a few things, and she has a few issues (anxiety) and I'm very patient and have a strong never give up attitude but not sure "whats normal" for together time this early in the relationship. She also seems like she really doesn't want to be with me when we are together althought she tells me different.

Am I Missing something? or could she really be having a hard time with the anxiety and just need me to be more supportive than I am now?


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  • It sounds to me, and this is my personal opinion that it's her anxiety talking. She probably needs to get more comfortable with you. Talk on the phone, text and continue to take her on dates. If you feel after some time it's not working for you. Then call it quits and move on. It's up to her to conquer her anxiety.