Did anyone ever go through a hard time and come out better?

Hey everyone, I'm feeling just like I've constantly been kicked down for the last 3 years.
Anyway here's my story my grandma died start of 2013 from cancer , a week later my dad was diagnosed with cancer. October 6th my Ocd trigred of and I had constant bad intrusive thoughts which nearly lead me to driving my car into a pole ( the thoughts are gone now , thank Christ) December 23rd 2013 my dad's mum (my grandma ) passed away , December 27th 2013 my dad passed away. I had to move to a different suburb, which is very scummy ( I'm moving into a nice suburb in July in melbournes East thank god) . I had no one to talk to and even my own mum started to date a different guy after 6 months , which has already shaken up my mind when it comes to women. I'm at the point of just not giving a flying S*%t about women. I get angry when I see women do silly things. The thing is when I was younger I use to be so nice calm cool collected..,,. Now Im at point were I feel like I'm turning into a different human being without any emotions and becoming cold and heartless. For example about two weeks ago I was sitting in a group of people and this ditzy girl started going on and on about how hard it was for not getting something and how she blamed her dad for not getting it... On and on she went when I eventualty just cracked it and hit drink over and told her to shut her trap , her boyfriend got up and said wtf? And I just grabed him and threw him over the couch ( I'm about 94kg rugby player , he was built like a stick) and I just walked away in anger , once I cooled down I knew what I did was wrong and felt very bad. I'm just of getting to the point were I feel cold towards women. How do I calm down and get my heart back


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  • Yeah but didn't come out better


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