My friend likes me more or not?

After years of being close friends she asked me why I never date her. I did like her but the feelings didn't develop as they did so far. I started to fall in love with her and when I told her she was blushing and smiling and said she just saw me as a friend. lol?

we still talk but I try to push back at the attention I give her. The other day I saw her and got her a cute gift (nothig expensive but cute) and told her a week before that I have a surprise for her. When she saw the gift she was blushing, smiling and kept turning her head away for me not to see.

she is a very confident girl but I don't know. Her words say one thing but her actions say something else. If you are asking why im not making a move like kiss her, is because I know her very well. I still think she needs to work on loving her self. Her ex boyfriend really screwed her over, physical and mentally abusive. Sometimes I think that she thinks I'm too good to be true for her. Even when I get her tjings
i really do so out of unconditional love.


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  • She needs to recover. She needs to get over of her ex.


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