Why do the good girls always like the bad boys?

first of all i hate that term "bad boy". i have been referred to as that by girls in a serious / joking tone. but it is sort of true. i have tattoos covering my body but beyond that, i've had a rough past and i have a lot to say.

the girls who seem to fall for me are always the ones who barely drink, have never smoked weed in their lives, and they get attached to me.

why can't i ever find my counterpart?


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  • You have to understand that western women have the intelligence of a flea. Women usually make bad choices due to their screwed up biology. Never try to figure them out.

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    • Jeremy bro you have hate for the bitched but I can't stand that I agree with you.

    • wow thats a pretty messed up thing to say to a guy; that all the girls have made poor decisions by dating me...

  • It's in their nature