Catching feels for college kids?

I went to a college party and ended up doing some pretty dumb stuff. I hooked up with this guy I met on at a party a few weeks before. we were friends and we texted almost everyday so I didn't see anything wrong with it. my only problem is now im pretty much in love with him. we got into a fight after we had sex though and I ended up crying and leaving. he tells me he's not mad but he won't give me more than a one word reply (he usually texts one word replies when he's not mad so I can't tell.) how can I tell if he's lying about being mad at me? and how can I stop myself from falling in love with him? it makes me so mad that I've laid in bed for two days and cried over a boy who probably doesn't even think about me anymore.


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  • Have you even stopped to consider you're probably jail bait and what you're doing is going to get guys in trouble? And it sounds like you're mainly infatuated because you had sex. Stop talking to him and try to stick to guys closer to your age.