Should I tell her that I like her on text or phone?

I've been speaking to this girl since December 16th, known since October. I really like her, we talk every day and we are on 13,000 messages. Yeah, we talk a lot...
Anyway, I asked her what she looks for in a guy last week and she replied: confidence, looking after their appearance, humour and if they have stuff in common.
I'm pretty sure I meet these features. I'm not sure whether the feelings are mutual, but I know that I like her and want to tell her before its too late (she met a guy on Sunday).
I'm thinking about doing it today. We've never spoke on the phone, but due to her liking confident guys I think I should call instead of text. But will it be awkward for her over the phone?
Alternatively, I can ask her to get food and tell her on the weekend (if she agrees to go).
Also, should I tell her I like her before asking for food or after?

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  • dont tell her, just ask her out.
    make it casual and be friendly but flirty