Why has he stopped calling?

I met this guy last week. he text me everyday and called me at least once a day. I met up with him and we watched a film on Saturday night. He also bought me food when I said I was hungry. (I tried to pay some but he said no) It's been a couple days and I haven't heard from him.

Did I do something wrong? A few of his mates have added me on Facebook but are just saying I'm fit and they want to meet me. His best mate talks to me and has asked if I'm meeting his friend again and has been telling me his friends a decent guy.

I'm just getting mixed signals atm and would like opinions on what to do and why he's being like this?


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  • It sounds completely like he is playing hard to get.

    Because guys who don't like girls, don't talk to their

    friends about them. Unless it's, man there's this hot

    girl, I just wanna ________. But he is talking to you

    about his friends and they are selling him, meaning that

    they are trying to show you that he's a good guy.

    Message him and say, hey sorry I haven't talked to you in

    a couple days, I have been so busy. See what he says to that.

    He may say the same thing but you will get a decent answer

    either way.

    Ask him what he's doing this weekend or whenever, and if he says

    nothing, or that he's super busy - try to fit yourself in. If he likes you,

    he will try to fit you into his schedule regardless.

  • Well, sounds to me like this guy saw you and fell so hard for you that he doesn't know where to begin again. He might be playing hard to get or just waiting for you to make the first move. If I were you I would for sure take control and be that strong, indepedent women that you are. Text or call him first and see how that works out. Or better yet, ask him out on another date and this time just confront him flirtingly about why he has been M.I.A.

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