This girl is reaching out again?

About 9 months ago we went on a few dates. I really liked her, she would often flake or would forget to get back to me... When we did meet up it was always nice. Finally I just sort of stopped trying after about 2 months of this. She knew I was interested in her and wanted to date her but she never pulled it together.

Now she'll hit me up out of the blue every once in a while, sometimes just to chat other times trying to meet up. I think I'm over it. Is it rude to just stop replying to her out of the blue texts? I feel like she probably isn't actually interested so the whole thing is a waste of time for me.


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  • It's totally not rude to ignore her altogether. I agree that she's not focused on you and didn't treat you well the first time. I'd even block her if you wanted to.


What Guys Said 1

  • dude she's a slam piece. she's looking for casual hook ups. just take it at her speed and dont get tied down.

    try to date other girls in the mean time.

    let her ask you to do things or just invite her places you might already be at anyways, like the bar etc when your with your boys