Girls, I texted/messaged someone I dated a few times. Is there any way to recover besides moving on?

Met a woman (34) online a couple of months ago. We first met in person when she asked me to meet her and a friend at a bar. We talked for four hours. She texted me like crazy the next few days. She added me on Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook too. I wasn't cool with the idea, but I added her back anyway. We ended up going on a great date a few days later. She also met me and friends a couple of times after that. She seemed very into me.
The last time we met she texted me out of the blue and asked where I was. I was with friends having a drink, and she came by. I kissed her for the first time when we left. She texted me right when she got home and told me goodnight. Everything seemed cool the next day.
A few days later some friends took me out for my birthday. She was going out of town for the weekend, so I didn't expect her to meet up. I did text her asking if she would like to go out again. She wouldn't ever give me a definite answer. I drunkenly unfriended her on social media. When she found out, she got "upset".
She stopped texting me very much after that. She said she was "upset" at me because I "freaked out." I was able to add her back on SnapChat because it didn't require her approval. She eventually stopped texting and only conversed via SnapChat. She won't add me back on Instagram and Facebook.
I made the mistake of texting her like crazy after that. I probably sent twenty messages/Snaps in a few days. I took a few days off and still got no response. I've tried apologizing via text, but she won't reply. I know she is getting my messages. Is there any way for me to recover from texting her too much?


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  • Yes. Perhaps you could play the "reverse psychology card" . Just send her a text saying that this is the last text you're going to send her and include how sorry you are and say you're not going to bother her about it anymore. She'll either A) forgive you and text you back or B) Not do A. Or C) Mention it on SC.

    But your chances are pretty solid.

    • Thanks for the reply! I'll start crafting a solid message to her when I get home tonight. I hope she finally responds. I've gotten nothing from her in a few days.

    • Np! Also remember don't make it seem like a guilt trip. Just that it's either she wants you or not and you're sorry and this is the last text, etc etc. Reverse psychology. Lol

      Good luck!

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