He gave me a call for the first time... brought up sex experiences?

So a guy I met last week has been texting me. Yes, we are both interested and I told him to give me a call sometime. We had the whole getting-to-know-you talk.
It was fun and pretty good till he asked about my past sexual experiences.

I was uncomfortable talking about this, especially so soon. I didn't, yet he proceeded to share an experience he had with a girl (including details I really didn't need to know).

I quickly changed the subject before letting him know I had to go.

Was he bragging to me? How he can please a girl?
I believe he can, but that is a poor way to prove it

How should I let him know I am far more interested in getting to know him as a person than hearing about sexual performances of the past?


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  • Yes he was bragging. He's probably insecure. And since he brought up sex so early on I doubt he takes you seriously, or wants to get to know you seriously.

  • How old is this man?