What is the safest way to walk away from someone who is abusive?

He is verbally abusive and I am afraid that he may eventually become physically abusive as well. He has put his hands on me once (pinned my arms behind my back and then pushed me) but hasn't since and that was almost 3 years ago.
He has threatened to take the kids from me on many occasions and that has taken a drastic toll on me because I really do fear losing my children to this man.
He is constantly yelling, picking me apart for the way I am, punching walls, breaking things, throwing various different items (has overturned a coffee table before and burnt me from the candle sitting on top of it), and most of all just random screaming to get his point across about little things that wouldn't matter to a normal person.
He has gotten in my face on more times than I can count and said things like "Oh you think I'm going to hit you, huh? Anything to make me look like the bad guy." Will even tell his parents that I am a horrible mother and that I do nothing to contribute to the family. He has no job, no license, just recently went back to school for his HS diploma, and is not interested in doing absolutely anything with his life. So not only does his emotional abuse effect me drastically but I feel like this man will continue to hold me back as I strive to push forward with opportunities in my life that will eventually bring a great deal of success to my kids life as well. He has no drive to do anything. And whenever he sees me succeeding he makes it his goal to make me feel shitty about it until I eventually just want to give up. He tells me I don't do enough (we are living lower class because of his refusal to help me). I want to leave and I have felt this way for going on 2 years now. But I'm deathly afraid of him.


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  • if you have proof of abuse, or evidence, get a RO and get out.

    why keep someone that toxic in your life.


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  • Do you have any relatives or friends that can help you out?
    You can stay over to them for a while. As for him taking away your children, he has no right to do that. Legally, the kids usually stay with the mother in most cases. Try to gather evidence that he is abusing you verbally in order to show it to the court if it comes to that.