Are smart guys sexy/attractive?

My question is: do girls find smart guys sexy/attractive? I would say I'm a smart guy, but not a particularly fine male specimen, in regards to my physique and face. Does that mean I either start working out a ton of resign myself to dying alone? ;-)


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  • I don't find intelligence necessarily attractive nor unattractive; it is definitely endearing, but it really only becomes attractive to me if he can use his intelligence for something like say, proving a point in a debate or putting it to use outside of high test scores. Just being book smarts is neat and all but doesn't tickle me pink by any means. Having a strong mind that actually produces other real-world results, now that is attractive.


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  • I was when of the brightest guys in my school at age 17.

    If I could go back in time, i'd tell myself START LIFTING BRO.

    Do women find smart guys sexy attractive? Qualified yes. Some definitely do. Actually had a girl when i was like 20 who literally said 'you're so smart, i'd give you a blowjob'. She was not kidding. That's not too common. But a fair number of girls, particularly smart ones, find smart a -factor- in who they find attractive.

    Buuttttt... smart young guys (and a fair number of smart older guys) tend to have worse than average 'game' with girls. They think too much, they get nervous too much, they're bad at being relaxed and fun. If you can learn to USE your smarts to make girls comfortable and be relaxed and thoughtful and fun, it will be a big asset.

    Finally most girls who want a smart guy would like it if he looked good too. Maybe not a 10, but they want to be attracted. And you don't want a girlfriend who admires you and is -okay- with you, do you? Don't you want her to get wet and her heart races when you step close to her, and start running your hands down her sides?

    It's an asset. Start lifting.

    • Dang it. I don't want to work out. :-(

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  • No, girls like idiots. So try being more of an idiotic douchefuck bro.