Is it ok to take multiple girls out on dates in the same week?

Haven't made and sorts of commitments so is it ok to take one girl out Saturday and the other one on Sunday for Valentine's Day?

Yeah so that's what I said but apparently it's considered grimey?


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  • It's alright, as long as you haven't made any sort of commitment with any of them. It's not like you're mocking them or something.

    • yeah im really just talking to a couple and actually only have plans with one, but i plan on making plans with another soon cuz i dont wanna leave girl 1 on too long if i really like girl 2.

      im just not used to having options and feel really weird about it. but i wanna roll with it cuz i can't even explain to you how many times I've dated a girl and found out she was seeing a few other guys. i always felt stupid and naive. this time im going to do it too so that i dont come off as desperate and needy and will be able to move on from one to the other without rehab

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  • If you are not exclusive with them then you technically you aren't in the wrong however if you do it and they find out i would expect some feelings to get hurt

    • I'm assuming I have to keep it secret anyways

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    • i really wanna see things through with both, I'm not leaning one way or the other

    • Like i said feelings will be hurt and i doubt they would aprove of it and i highly suggest you don't be that guy but its your life man

  • Uhhh... yeah that's basically the definition of dating.