Is this a good or bad situation to be in?

Been friends with a guy for four months and dating for a month. He said he didn't want anything serious because he plans to move in a year, and right now I'm not looking for super serious either, but I told him I need it to be more than friends with benefits. So we agreed to date but keep things light. We're good friends and have lunch together every work day, with lots of communication in between, and usually a date on the weekends. He tells me more than pretty much anyone, and always seems excited to see me and chat with me. His friends like me too, though I'm not sure they know we're "dating", which makes me wonded. He's very affectionate with me when we're alone, very tender, though not so much in public. Though everyone who sees us together automatically assumes we're a couple. We haven't had sex yet, because I've hesitated, and thus far he's respected that. I have been with very few men and even then only in serious relationships. I'm just afraid that if we start having sex, I might end up getting more emotionally involved than I'd intended, and if he sticks to his plan of leaving the state in a year, that won't end well. And honestly I'm not sure if this is a good or bad situation for me... just wondering if I am overthinking and looking at this the wrong way? Should I stop feeling so anxious about the future?


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  • I see this as a good situation that could easily become a bad situation if either of you want much more than what the two of you decided on. That can happen pretty easily. If you do fall for him and he leaves as planned, you will be hurt yet he would not be to blame. I suggest that you consider directions that will not lead to attachment or hurt, if you don't want more than a temporary relationship right now.


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