Should I chase her?

Long story short, like this girl, girl has a boyfriend, they have a kid, boyfriend is my friend. Now this sounds awful any way you put It but I want my friends girlfriend and I'm pretty sure it's mutual. Let me just say if they were a happy couple and things were all good I wouldn't consider this but he treats her awful he's basically just a means of support financially. I can attest to the fact that he spends very little time with her and the baby usually just smoking weed with me and drinking. She loves him unconditionally even tho he's 6 years her elder and has no license or car despite spending a couple hundred weekly on beer n weed no exaggeration. So anyways he's real protective of her we can't talk much in person but I text her while she's at work. Just friendly stuff not too flirty but she admits he'd kill her if he found out she texts me. I made it clear I don't want anything from her to risk her relationship which is the truth but I can't help but wanna tell her how bad I want her. She tells me about her problems with him over text and I'm always checking her out when she walks by me I know she knows I'm looking at her ass so why would she still text me for hours at a time if she knows I like her unless she like me too? Sometimes I tell myself she's just being friendly the things she says or texts or does but then Sometimes she'll linger after her boyfriend Goes to bed and kinda waits for me to start up a convo, seems like she wants me to make a move sometimes but I'm too worried I'm reading it wrong and I'll ruin everything. Wewatched a movie after he passed out the other night. I wouldn't wanna take her from him but just one night would be nice as awful as that sounds. She's pretty reserved too so it's hard to read her. Should I try to flirt more and see how she reacts? Don't even answer if it's regarding my morals, to be fair she cheated on her ex to be with my friend so she doesn't play fair obviously. And the girl is sexy as hell he seriously takes her for granted. Help? Anybody?


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  • Do you love her or do you wanna only her body?
    She is in an awful situation and you worsen it.
    She has a children! But her husband hits your friend? If it is so, you have to save her right now!

  • ew too messy.


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