What should I do, Im so confused about her, please help?

So, I have liked this girl since the day I met her, but she liked another guy. I do every and anything I can for her, always try to be there for her, and not because I want to force her to like me, but because I genuinely care and want to make her happy. She told me she has given up on this guy, and that her eyes were opened to guys who really care. She still hangs out with him, texts him, so on all the time. Time passes, and I realize I am always the one who initiates conversation, and always asks how her day is. She only ever asks me something when she needs help, wants to vent, etc. She seems to flirt with me, brings up inside jokes, gets close to me and walks with me. Then totally ignore me other times (doesn't respond to texts, or even look at me IRL). I'm just confused and don't know whats going on. I saw her IRL, and she kept looking over to me. I overheard her and her friend talking, but only when she got close to me, she randomly starts talking about the guy she liked. She doesn't seem to make a huge effort to go out of her way to ask how my day is, or if anything is up, so I don't think she is interested, yet there are times when she flirts and we text for hours. I feel like I should distance myself, stop texting her a bit and see what happens. I am pretty sure I just need to forget about her, but any ideas?


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  • forget her


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