What does he want?

So I met this older guy the other day, we met through a mutual friend, he had a pool party at his house, and I was invited, as soon as he saw me he started to flirt with me, I gave him my number, and he asked me out but I declined because I wasn't sure yet, then like 2 days after that we went to the beach, it was very cute, we had sex that day, and after it he got really quiet, he took me home. And talked to me like 2 days after, then we started talking again like the first time and he invited me to his house, he picked me up but he was mad because of family issues, and i decided to leave, we didn't talk for days.
But other day i went to his house and he sat by my side and he was so quiet and chill next to me, his cousin (female) and her girlfriend were there, but I don't know what it was, and we haven't talked since then. He's a libra, I'm not saying that I want anything serious with him, because to me he's just the typical 40 year old guy that doesn't want to get any older, he talks like he's extremely confused, and honestly i don't want to mess with that in a deep way. But i like him enough to just hang around

what do you guys think he has in mind? Be honest please :)!

The last night we didn't even have sex, he just looked so lonely, I kind of felt bad for him, but it's not like he's all warm and fuzzy, i know that.


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  • He wanted sex and he got it. Most likely this will end up being a hookup situation a couple times. So live YOUR life and protect yourself... meaning have him wear a condom EVERY time and don't expect anything.

    • Thanks for the advice