Is this actually good, and what do I do about it?

So today a girl I've liked for some time found out I like her, again. She seems to lose hope on it and today I went up to try and talk to her and she was occupied, so I backed away. Her friend (who is also my friend) gold her about it and at lunch she was looking at me and ignoring all the guys who sit around her. She's one of those girls that will think you don't like them after a certain amount of time, but she keeps finding out I still like her and she always seems happy. I've been assuming this is good, but I don't know what to do. At my age what do I day to a girl to spark a relationship. I know Valentines day is coming up and she's my neighbor, so if you guys can help me ask her to be my girlfriend, I can ask her if she wants to come over on Sunday. Advice away, I guess?


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  • Just ask her out! Girls like confidence so just ask her.

    • What do I say? Do I say "will you be my girlfriend" or what? That's all that's keeping me back, not confidence

    • Keep it simple, don't think too much about it. You are both young so maybe suggest a movie (with your parents home.) Go on a walk together, talk about school.

    • "Hey Melanie, your an amazing girl. I wanted to know if maybe, you would want to be my girlfriend" how about that? I was already thinking about the movie. I could watch it with her without supervision, because I'm not gonna go off doing THAT at this age. I need to become a husband before I do that

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