What should I say?

I've been friends with this girl (same as my other questions) for a while and I am deeply in love with her. She doesn't know that but her friends have told me that they told her we should try dating, but she doesn't want to lose our friendship. I'm going to pour my feelings out to her soon, and I need help with what I should say to her. So far I have (a basic outline of what I've thought of)
I have liked you since last May
I've heard different things on what you think of me
i don't want to lose our friendship, but some things are worth risking.
if anyone can give me help it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks


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  • Just be open how you feel.

    • Thanks. I'm just really nervous that she'll reject me and be awkward around me.

    • Well thats just the worst side but surely the positives outweigh themmm

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