Girls, how to solve my heart problem?

Some time ago i saw very nice girl , i come to her to Speak but i didn't have balls to take her number...
after i found her facebook so i add her...
maybe 3 months after this she stop me in the street and we Speak a little she ask if i remember her , and after she come becouse of school.
maybe 3 days ago again she stop me but in the club , she i
ask me to drink something together , i bought her drink and her friend...
we spoke a little
i was really sweating and i said that its hot and then she take off my bluse
she is really sympathic
after we come to dance i didn't have balls to kiss her
and then she said to me to next time i just give her high five
and now i Think about her all the time...
What can i do now , and important Thing i am 18 and she is 25 ...


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  • Get her number! Ask her name! Try to hug her instead of giving her a high five, at least a side hug is good, if you like her that much think of how you've run into each other but you might not run into her ever again!